• Are you currently facing challenges in a hard bid delivery of your projects due to escalating construction cost?


  • How are you currently designing to your clients budgets? Do you find it hard to extract the true budget numbers from your clients?


  • Would it help to have a partner/ consultant in navigating the ever-changing construction cost and constructability of your design?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our pre-construction services might be the answer!

Pre-Construction is a critical phase that sets the stage for a successful construction project by working together as one team (Owner, Design Team, and Builder) to address planning, budgeting, risk assessment, and constructability.  It helps ensure that the project is executed efficiently, on time, and within budget while meeting the design needs of the client.

    • Collaborate with the client and design team to understand the design intent and needs of the project.
    • Provide recommendations and information to the Project Team on site logistics, constructability feedback, product procurement & lead time evaluations, value engineering options, and scheduling expectations.
    • Project Budgets will be estimated and presented during the following document issuances. Budgets will be compiled using a combination of subcontractor proposals and internal estimating takeoffs and reviews.
            • Schematic Design Documents (SD’s)
            • Design Development Documents (DD’s)
            • Construction Drawings (CD’s)
            • GMP Proposal
    • Value Engineering Logs will be compiled from our construction teams and subcontractor relationships to identify potential cost savings for the project. These options will be presented to the Project Team at regular intervals throughout the Pre-Construction Phase to help steer design and product selections towards meeting the Owner’s budget expectations.
    • Constructability Reports will be prepared to identify items that, in our opinion, may negatively impact construction of the project. This report is intended to identify discrepancies in the drawings, specs, and details that may otherwise generate Change Orders or claims once the project construction commences.  Updates to the Constructability Report shall be provided to the Project Team at each meeting during the Pre-Construction Phase.

We are here to partner with you and help move your design projects into construction successfully.

Please contact James Bailey, our Senior Estimator!